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Mary Ellen Anderson Obituary

Mary Ellen Anderson

Vancouver, Washington

MARY ELLEN ANDERSON August 1, 1926 ~ July 17, 2018 ~ IN MEMORY OF ~ Mary Ellen born in Craig, Colorado, was a child of The...


Todd Cunlisk

Vancouver, Washington

photoCunliskTodd2.JPG" ALTPHOTOCunliskTodd1.JPG" TODD CUNLISK August 4, 1964 ~ July 15, 2018 Todd Cunlisk, age 54, passed away...

Mary J. Faust Obituary

Mary J. Faust

Vancouver, Washington

MARY J. FAUST February 6, 1953 ~ February 11, 2018 ~ Celebration of Life ~ Mary J. Faust, formerly of Vancouver, WA, lost her...


Anne Marie Gates

Ridgefield, Washington

photoGatesAnne.jpg" .jpg"IMG ANNE MARIE GATES April 27, 1962~ June 16, 2018 Anne Marie Gates, 56, passed away June 16, 2018 in...

Allan W. Hoppel Obituary

Allan W. Hoppel

Vancouver, Washington

ALLAN W. HOPPEL January 31, 1946 ~ July 17, 2018 Allan W. Hoppel, 72, of Hibbing, MN, a US Marine Corps veteran, passed away in...

Paul Clayton Johnson Obituary

Paul Clayton Johnson

Vancouver, Washington

PAUL CLAYTON JOHNSON March 25th, 1918 ~ July 4th, 2018 Paul Clayton Johnson passed away peacefully on the 4th of July, in...

Esther Lyna Linson Obituary

Esther Lyna Linson

Vancouver, Washington

ESTHER LYNA LINSON June 26, 1921 ~ July 1, 2018 "Esther was a very special lady beloved by her family and all who knew...

Louisa Maria Mickel Obituary

Louisa Maria Mickel

Vancouver, Washington

LOUISA MARIA (WELLS) MICKEL June 21, 1945 ~ July 7, 2018 Louisa Maria (Wells) Mickel, passed away on July 7, 2018 after a...

Dorothy Lee Roland Obituary

Dorothy Lee Roland

Vancouver, Washington

DOROTHY LEE (GOHEEN) ROLAND January 8, 1923 ~ July 14, 2018 "Dorothy was generous, independent and strong. We all loved...

Michelle Marie Schreiner Obituary

Michelle Marie Schreiner

Vancouver, Washington

MICHELLE MARIE SCHREINER JUNE 11, 1973 ~ JUNE 14, 2018 Michelle Marie Schreiner was born on June 11, 1973 in Vancouver,...

Judy Lynn Sherwood Obituary

Judy Lynn Sherwood

Vancouver, Washington

JUDY LYNN SHERWOOD March 8, 1949 ~ July 19, 2018 Judy's 3 1/2-year struggle with cancer finally ended on Thursday, July 19th,...

C. Robert "Bob" Suess Obituary

C. Robert "Bob" Suess

Vancouver, Washington

C. ROBERT "BOB" SUESS September 19, 1921 ~ June 10, 2018 C. Robert "Bob" Suess was born in Seattle, Washington on Sept. 19, 1921...

Iva Mae Walmer Obituary

Iva Mae Walmer

Vancouver, Washington

IVA MAE WALMER January 13, 1929 ~ July 7, 2018 Iva Walmer, nee Wright, age 89, died after courageously living with vascular...

Harold Dean Wilcox Obituary

Harold Dean Wilcox

Vancouver, Washington

HAROLD DEAN WILCOX April 26, 1953 ~ July 11, 2018 Harold Dean Wilcox, 65, of Ridgefield, WA, passed away at home on July 11,...

Robert Theodore "Bob" Maag Obituary

Robert Theodore "Bob" Maag

Seattle, Washington

ROBERT "BOB" THEODORE MAAG June 1, 1925 ~ June 9, 2018 Robert T. Maag, passed away June 9, 2018 peacefully at home in Seattle,...

Jack Rolland Hershey Obituary

Jack Rolland Hershey

Portland, Oregon

JACK ROLLAND HERSHEY December 4, 1929 ~ July 7, 2018 Jack R. Hershey, 88, of Vancouver, WA, passed away July 7, 2018. He was...

Cecelia M. "CeCe" Chambers Obituary

Cecelia M. "CeCe" Chambers

Vancouver, Washington

CECELIA "CECE" M. (TRAMMELL) CHAMBERS January 29, 1940 ~ July 12, 2018 Cecelia M. (Trammell) Chambers 78, of Vancouver, WA,...

Lawrence Donald "Larry" Higgins Obituary

Lawrence Donald "Larry" Higgins

Vancouver, Washington

LAWRENCE DONALD HIGGINS November 11, 1933 ~ July 6, 2018 "Larry loved his family and his friends. He left his mark on...

Janet M. Spuck Van Ronk Obituary

Janet M. Spuck Van Ronk

Portland, Oregon

JANET M. (NOTHIGER) SPUCK VAN RONK January 26, 1935 ~ July 14, 2018 A funeral will be held at 12p.m. on Mon., July 23, 2018 at...

Lawton Alder "Chic" Hull Obituary

Lawton Alder "Chic" Hull

Camas, Washington

LAWTON ALDER "CHIC" HULL May 2, 1926 ~ July 15, 2018 Lawton Alder "Chic" Hull, musician and teacher, died at home peacefully on...

Mary Josephine Mika Obituary

Mary Josephine Mika

Vancouver, Washington

MARY JOSEPHINE MIKA April 3, 1938 ~ July 12, 2018 "Mary was kind, had good manners and work ethic. She had a strong faith...

D. "Lorraine" Blakeslee Obituary

D. "Lorraine" Blakeslee

Vancouver, Washington

D. LORRAINE HYDE PERSHALL BLAKESLEE July 19, 1928 ~ June 29, 2018 D. Lorraine Hyde Pershall Blakeslee was born to Fred and...

Ruth "Joan" Landen Obituary

Ruth "Joan" Landen

Vancouver, Washington

RUTH "JOAN" (STANG) LANDEN February 20, 1939 ~ June 29, 2018 Ruth "Joan" Landen, 79, died peacefully on Friday, June 29, 2018 in...

Robert Eugene "Bob" Norton Obituary

Robert Eugene "Bob" Norton

Juneau, Alaska

ROBERT "BOB" EUGENE NORTON August 30, 1945 ~ May 16, 2018 Robert "Bob" Eugene Norton passed away at his home in Vancouver,...

Christopher Henry "Chris" Rhoades Obituary

Christopher Henry "Chris" Rhoades

Battle Ground, Washington

CHRISTOPHER "CHRIS" HENRY RHOADES August 27, 1935 ~ July 14, 2018 Christopher Henry Rhoades, 82, a 60-year Clark County resident,...

Marilyn Lucia Littlefield Obituary

Marilyn Lucia Littlefield

Seattle, Washington

MARILYN LUCIA LITTLEFIELD September 8, 1931 ~ July 3, 2018 Marilyn, 86, was born in Seattle, WA to James and Jessie Jamieson....

Elisabeth Lizetta Braun Obituary

Elisabeth Lizetta Braun

Vancouver, Washington

ELISABETH LIZETTA (VANZANTE) CUMMINGS BRAUN March 5, 1922 ~ July 11, 2018 Elisabeth Lizetta (VanZante) Cummings Braun, 96,...

William Fitzhugh "Bill" Byrd Jr. Obituary

William Fitzhugh "Bill" Byrd Jr.

Portland, Oregon

WILLIAM FITZHUGH BYRD, JR. September 11, 1925 ~ July 12, 2018 William Fitzhugh Byrd, Jr., 92, of Vancouver, WA, passed away July...

Constance Louise "Connie" Humble Obituary

Constance Louise "Connie" Humble

Vancouver, Washington

CONSTANCE LOUISE (MISHLER) HUMBLE May 16, 1938 ~ July 7, 2018 Constance Louise (Mishler) Humble, of Vancouver, WA, passed away...

Maureen Elaine Kendrick Obituary

Maureen Elaine Kendrick

Vancouver, Washington

MAUREEN ELAINE KENDRICK December 7, 1946 ~ July 5, 2018 "Maureen was a very special person." Maureen Elaine Kendrick, of...

Gale Eugene Morey Obituary

Gale Eugene Morey

Vancouver, Washington

GALE EUGENE MOREY June 12, 1936 ~ July 9, 2018 Gale Eugene Morey, 82, of Vancouver, WA, passed away peacefully at home with his...

Mary Agnes Peters Obituary

Mary Agnes Peters

Camas, Washington

MARY AGNES PETERS September 28, 1919 ~ July 4, 2018 Mary Agnes Peters, 98, formerly of Camas, WA, passed away on July 4, 2018 in...

Chester Leroy Pulver Obituary

Chester Leroy Pulver

Vancouver, Washington

CHESTER LEROY PULVER August 28, 1934 ~ June 27, 2018 Chester Leroy Pulver, 83, of Vancouver, WA, passed away June 27, 2018. He...

Matthew Thomas Schwatka Obituary

Matthew Thomas Schwatka

Vancouver, Washington

MATTHEW THOMAS SCHWATKA December 8, 1984 ~ April 16, 2018 Matthew Thomas Schwatka, 33, passed away on the morning of April 16,...

Marian Esther Spanner Obituary

Marian Esther Spanner

Vancouver, Washington

MARIAN ESTHER SPANNER November 8, 1935 ~ June 25, 2018 Marian Esther Spanner, 82, was born on November 8, 1935 in Denver,...

Vance William Witt Obituary

Vance William Witt

Vancouver, Washington

VANCE WILLIAM WITT November 3, 1925 ~ July 8, 2018 Vance William Witt, 92, passed away peacefully July 8, 2018. He was born...

Mary Elizabeth Barnett Obituary

Mary Elizabeth Barnett

Vancouver, Washington

MARY ELIZABETH BARNETT January 8, 1938 ~ July 11, 2018 Mary Elizabeth Barnett (born Denton), age 80, of Tigard, Oregon, received...

William J. Hendricks Obituary

William J. Hendricks

Vancouver, Washington

WILLIAM J. HENDRICKS February 14, 1942 ~ June 23,2018 William J. Hendricks, 76, of Vancovuer, WA, passed away June 23, 2018 after...

Alice C. Proudfoot Obituary

Alice C. Proudfoot

Vancouver, Washington

ALICE PROUDFOOT June 25, 1934 ~ March 14, 2018 Alice C. Proudfoot, passed away on March 14, 2018 in Vancouver, WA. She was born...

Mark Anthony Wheeler Obituary

Mark Anthony Wheeler

Vancouver, Washington

MARK ANTHONY WHEELER August 28, 1975 ~ July 6, 2018 Mark Anthony Wheeler, 42, current resident of Seattle, WA and long-time...

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