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Dorman Ladd Holcomb Obituary

Dorman Ladd Holcomb

Vancouver, Washington

DORMAN LADD HOLCOMB December 15, 1946 ˜ September 15, 2020 Beloved husband, father and brother Dorman Ladd Holcomb passed away...

Edith Shaffer Obituary

Edith Shaffer

Vancouver, Washington

EDITH SHAFFER May 24, 1921 ˜ September 13, 2020 Our mom, grandmother and friend passed away this week leaving a hole in our...

James George Amell Obituary

James George Amell

Vancouver, Washington

JAMES GEORGE AMELL August 8, 1939 ˜ September 17, 2020 James George Amell was born Aug. 10, 1939 at Hart Hospital in Portland,...

Donna Irene Ferguson Obituary

Donna Irene Ferguson

Vancouver, Washington

DONNA IRENE FERGUSON October 18, 1934 ˜ July 18, 2020 Donna Irene Payson was born in Vancouver, WA on Oct. 18, 1934. The family...

Mark Manker Obituary

Mark Manker

Vancouver, Washington

MARK MANKER January 15, 1964 ˜ September 14, 2020 Mark Manker passed away unexpectedly on Sept. 14, 2020. He was 56 years of...

William Harold "Will" Nally Obituary

William Harold "Will" Nally

Vancouver, Washington

WILLIAM HAROLD NALLY May 30, 1950 ˜ September 16, 2020 Will Nally passed away the morning of Sept. 16, 2020 after a year-long...

Joe Lewis Richardson Obituary

Joe Lewis Richardson

Vancouver, Washington

IN MEMORY OF JOE LEWIS RICHARDSON July 31, 1931 ˜ August 10, 2020 Joe L. Richardson, 89, of Ajo, AZ, went to heaven on Aug....

Renee Lorraine Bender Obituary

Renee Lorraine Bender

Vancouver, Washington

RENEE LORRAINE BENDER September 27, 1957 ˜ September 15, 2020 Renee Lorraine Bender, 62, passed away peacefully in Portland, OR...

Gerald Patrick "Jerry" Peterson Obituary

Gerald Patrick "Jerry" Peterson

Vancouver, Washington

GERALD PATRICK PETERSON November 22, 1939 ˜ September 16, 2020 Our dear loving husband, father, grandfather and...

Daniel Loren Brown Obituary

Daniel Loren Brown

Vancouver, Washington

DANIEL LOREN BROWN July 31, 1966 ˜ September 3, 2020 Daniel Loren Brown passed away on Sept. 3, 2020, at his home in Bremerton,...

Wesley Lee "Wes" Butler Obituary

Wesley Lee "Wes" Butler

Vancouver, Washington

WESLEY LEE BUTLER April 4, 1943 ˜ September 2, 2020 Wesley Lee Butler, 77, passed away peacefully on Sept. 2, 2020 at Elaine...

Murray "Murph" Falk Obituary

Murray "Murph" Falk

Vancouver, Washington

MURRAY “MURPH” FALK July 24, 1934 ˜ August 16, 2020 Murray “Murph” Falk died peacefully in his home Sunday, Aug. 16. He was...

Elaine Aloias Killian Obituary

Elaine Aloias Killian

Portland, Oregon

ELAINE ALOIAS KILLIAN March 12, 1946 ˜ August 11, 2020 Elaine Aloias Killian left her human body on Aug. 11 in the warmth of...

Dennis W. Manary Obituary

Dennis W. Manary

Vancouver, Washington

DENNIS W. MANARY May 19, 1947 ˜ July 22, 2020 Dennis W. Manary died July 22, 2020. He was 73 years old. Dennis was born May 19,...

Carol "C.J." Monroe Obituary

Carol "C.J." Monroe

Vancouver, Washington

CAROL “C.J.” MONROE August 16, 1944 ˜ August 29, 2020 C.J. Monroe, age 76, passed on the morning of August 29th in the presence...

Cecil Cornell Rotschy Obituary

Cecil Cornell Rotschy

Vancouver, Washington

CECIL CORNELL ROTSCHY April 5, 1938 ˜ September 13, 2020 Cecil Cornell Rotschy was born April 5, 1938 in Vancouver, WA to Edwin...

Uhlrick M. "Rick" Strahm Obituary

Uhlrick M. "Rick" Strahm

Vancouver, Washington

UHLRICK ”RICK” STRAHM September 6, 1944 ˜ May 18, 2020 Please join us in the celebration of Uhlrick (Rick) M. Strahm’s life ...

Forrest "Sully" Sullivan Obituary

Forrest "Sully" Sullivan

Portland, Oregon

FORREST “SULLY” SULLIVAN November 3, 1921 ˜ September 1, 2020 Sully passed away peacefully on Sept. 1, 2020 at 3 p.m.,...

Willemka "Winnie" Swan Obituary

Willemka "Winnie" Swan

Vancouver, Washington

WINNIE SWAN March 19, 1928 ˜ September 13, 2020 Winnie Swan passed away Sept. 13, 2020, at the age of 92 at Forest Home Elder...

Anna Jane "Ann" Vilhauer Obituary

Anna Jane "Ann" Vilhauer

Vancouver, Washington

ANN VILHAUER November 12, 1924 ˜ September 13, 2020 Anna Jane Westfall was born in Parma, ID on Nov. 12, 1924 and died in...

Judith Ann "Judy" Ploium Obituary

Judith Ann "Judy" Ploium

Butte, Montana

JUDITH ANN “JUDY” PLOIUM November 23, 1940 ˜ September 13, 2020 Judith Ann “Judy” Ploium passed away Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020 in...

Mary Genevieve Heidlebaugh Obituary

Mary Genevieve Heidlebaugh

Vancouver, Washington

MARY GENEVIEVE HEIDLEBAUGH February 19, 1926 ˜ September 8, 2020 ”When someone passes from this life to the next, you stop to ...

Christina Rochelle Tandberg Obituary

Christina Rochelle Tandberg

Vancouver, Washington

CHRISTINA ROCHELLE TANDBERG Christina Rochelle Tandberg (maiden name Reed), 42, passed away in Lake Oswego, OR on Sept. 12, 2020...

Shirley N. Bridenbecker Obituary

Shirley N. Bridenbecker

Vancouver, Washington

SHIRLEY N. BRIDENBECKER Shirley N. Bridenbecker, forever missed but not forgotten, our beloved mother and grandmother, passed...

Kevin West Obituary

Kevin West

Vancouver, Washington

KEVIN WEST June 3, 1954 ˜ September 13, 2020 On Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, Kevin West, returned to his heavenly home at the age of...

Dixie Lee Arata Obituary

Dixie Lee Arata

Vancouver, Washington

DIXIE LEE ARATA January 7, 1925 ˜ August 29, 2020 Dixie L. Arata (Simmons) was born Jan. 7, 1925 in South Bend, WA to Gretchen...

Wesley Howard "Butch" Bellamy Obituary

Wesley Howard "Butch" Bellamy

Vancouver, Washington

WESLEY HOWARD BELLAMY March 7, 1949 ˜ August 22, 2020 Wesley H. Bellamy passed away Aug. 22, 2020 with his family by his side....

Phillip Duane Harr Obituary

Phillip Duane Harr

Vancouver, Washington

PHILLIP D. HARR April 22, 1923 ˜ September 4, 2020 Phillip Duane Harr passed away unexpectedly on Sept. 4, 2020 surrounded by...

Rosemary Francine Holland Obituary

Rosemary Francine Holland

Vancouver, Washington

ROSEMARY FRANCINE HOLLAND 1946 ˜ 2020 Rosemary Francine Holland passed away peacefully at A Home With Hope adult care home in...

Nea Lynn Ireland Obituary

Nea Lynn Ireland

Vancouver, Washington

NEA LYNN IRELAND July 23, 1942 ˜ August 25, 2020 On Aug. 25, 2020, Nea Lynn Ireland passed away at home after a nearly two-year...

Craig Douglas LaRowe Obituary

Craig Douglas LaRowe

Vancouver, Washington

CRAIG DOUGLAS LaROWE May 15, 1954 ˜ August 26, 2020 “He brought wisdom, happiness, warmth, and love to every life he touched.” ...

Leland Lowell Lawry Obituary

Leland Lowell Lawry

Vancouver, Washington

LELAND LOWELL LAWRY November 20, 1922 ˜ September 2, 2020 Leland Lowell Lawry, age 97, passed into heaven on Sept. 2, 2020. ...

Erica Katherina Schumacher Obituary

Erica Katherina Schumacher

VANCOUVER, Washington

ERICA KATHARINA SCHUMACHER October 17, 1932 ˜ August 22, 2020 On Aug. 22, 2020, Erica K. Schumacher (Oma) peacefully and...

Emily "Amy" Shafer Obituary

Emily "Amy" Shafer

Vancouver, Washington

EMILY ’AMY’ SHAFER August 1, 1940 ˜ September 1, 2020 Emily “Amy” Shafer passed away unexpectedly during the early morning...

Bob D. Skillett Obituary

Bob D. Skillett

Vancouver, Washington

BOB D. SKILLETT March 10, 1968 ˜ August 26, 2020 Bob D. Skillett, age 52, left this world too soon, unexpectedly, on Aug. 26,...

Paula Ann "Costanzo" Sommers Obituary

Paula Ann "Costanzo" Sommers

Vancouver, Washington

PAULA ANN COSTANZO SOMMERS May 31, 1929 ˜ August 31, 2020 Paula Ann Costanzo Sommers passed away on Monday, Aug. 31, 2020 in...

Dorothy A. Penfield Obituary

Dorothy A. Penfield

VANCOUVER, Washington

DOROTHY A. PENFIELD April 9, 1934 ˜ August 31, 2020 Dorothy A. Penfield of Vancouver, WA passed away on Aug. 31, 2020 at the...

Robert Roger "Bob" Standish Obituary

Robert Roger "Bob" Standish

Vancouver, Washington

ROBERT ROGER STANDISH May 18, 1937 ˜ July 24, 2020 Robert ”Bob” Roger Standish passed away July 24, 2020 at his home in...

David Bump Obituary

David Bump

Vancouver, Washington

DAVID BUMP David Bump passed on Sept. 7, 2020 in his home peacefully. He was a wood craftsman and a man of great humor. He is...

Gordon Clifford Gilfilian Obituary

Gordon Clifford Gilfilian

Essex Junction, Vt

GORDON CLIFFORD GILFILIAN Gordon Clifford Gilfilian, 85, passed away peacefully on Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020 with his son, Mike and...

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